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About RocSolid Door

Rocsolid Door Components has been eliminating problems, and creating opportunities, for pre-hangers of both interior, and exterior door products. At RSDC We both create, and source, products that enrich our clients’ offerings. We Began our company to offer our customers our patented, pre-finished exterior frame system. We soon began sourcing, and processing interior frames for our clients as well.


With our history of importing products from Asia and Eastern Europe, we have in the last few years, begun offering premium, pre-finished barn doors, and more recently, a selection of premium molded hardboard doors. We are committed to creating value for our customers, and theirs. Our skins and door specs will be the same out of both China and Europe with all transportation, tariffs and duties handled by Rocsolid and included in delivered prices to our established customers-regardless of point of origin.  


Rocsolid Door Components  has been involved with importing doors for years from many international sources including Asia and Europe. With the North American demand for molded hardboard doors continuing to outpace domestic supply we have coordinated efforts between our plants in to provide molded hardboard doors to this market. Molded hardboard door skins are manufactured in China and Turkey with door production in both China and Eastern Europe. 


Our plants will maintain an inventory of door skins for production to your specs based on your commitment to designs and estimated requirements.  


Additional designs and sizes can be available with an agreement to purchase 20 thousand doors over a one year time frame. 


Our commitment is to consistently deliver high quality construction with consistent specifications at a great value.

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